First Trip to the Dentist

Another first happened this summer in my girls’ young lives – a trip to the dentist.  (Well, technically Lily has been after chipping her front tooth when she was two, but not for a full check-up).

I follow a wonderful blog, The House of Smiths, who just so happens to be local and live in my area (yes, I’ve met Shelley a few times at events and she is the sweetest at responding to emails, especially when I email her personal questions about what to do when my little girls are sick, true story).  Anyway, awhile ago I bookmarked a blog post where she talked about how much she loved her little girls’ dentist and when the time came to look up one for my girls, they were the first ones I called.  Luckily for me, they were on my insurance plan – yeah!

Little People’s Dental isn’t too far from my house and I have to say – Shelley was right.  About everything.  When I called for appointments for all four girls (they recommend seeing babies when they first get their teeth) the receptionist was the sweetest thing and helped me set up the dates, including dates in December for a six-month follow-up (before insurance is up).

I was a little nervous about how everyone would do, but the girls had the best time ever.  Even Emma.  Not the slightest bit nervous about anything.  You know why? The staff is the friendliest you ever did meet and so keyed in to kids.  They knew exactly what to say, what to give them, how to assuage their fears.  They were awesome.  I am so glad to have found them.  The dentist is wonderful, kind, and soft spoken.  A keeper.

The girls did great!  They had X-rays, exams, and full-cleanings including flossing.


The dentist declared them cavity-freeHooray!  He said he likes to see them with extra gaps in their teeth (good, cause my girls have a lot) because it gives the permanent teeth a place to go and grow into.

Here’s the freakiest part of the trip (for me) - seeing their permanent teeth right underneath:


The X-rays even show their wisdom teeth, can you believe that?  It is definitely a reminder my babies are growing up!


Anonymous said...

Your kids were brave. Congratulations to them, they made it!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

That is so cool that you found a dentist through Shelly's blog! I'm glad the girls did so well. :)

Tracy Lindley said...

Wow, that x-ray pic is so cool! I'm totally amazed that they did so very well and wish there were some magical place like that close to me :)

Nannie Livingstone said...

It’s good to know that the staff at the dental clinic is so good with kids! It’s definitely important that people who work at children’s dental clinics have a lot of patience and energy, and are always warm and welcoming. It helps to let the kids know that there is absolutely nothing to worry about when visiting the dentists. They may even enjoy themselves enough to WANT to make the necessary return trips!

Nannie Livingstone

Benita Abril said...

Wow! Your girls are not just adorable, they're brave too! How I wish my daughter would also be as brave as they are. With healthy dental habits, I’m sure they’ll also have a healthy set of teeth as they grow up.

-Benita Abril

Cody Zieba said...

Hello Sarah! Your young ladies seemed so bubbly throughout the dental check-up. That's pretty cool! I have a few tips for you to help keep their beautiful smiles. First off, I suggest you make them drink water as often as possible and avoid giving them sugared gum; instead, choose sugar-free or xylitol-sweetened gum. As your kids grow up, their smile will surely get brighter. Keep us posted!
->Cody Zieba