May Updates {Life via Facebook}

May 5
The song "Time of My Life" came on a commercial this morning. So I HAD to go watch "Dirty Dancing". I'm so glad it's on Netflix streaming. :)

I have a million projects which are 90% finished. Today I got a few to the 99% finished state. :) I guess that's as good as it's gonna get right now!

May 6
Swingset is UP and the girls are loving it! I am glad we will be having nice weather this week; mommy is gonna send them outside ALOT.

May 7
I finished our 3-month food storage today!!! YEAH! One goal for 2012 = DONE.

May 8
Gifts for Bible Study nursery workers: DONE. Mock-up of gift for hurch ladies event: DONE. Catching up with my sister-in-law: DONE. Scrubbing down the stove and feeding the kids lunch: DONE. I'm on fire!

May 9
Not yet Mothers Day and our garden is planted (lettuce, peppers, onions) and seeds are coming up (beans, beets, carrots). That's GREAT for Utah. We had a very mild winter so we were able to get things in the ground sooner. This weekend we will get the last of it in - the tomatoes and herbs. Everything else is done!

May 10
In case anyone wants to go in with me: a 4-pk of Easter Hershey's Kisses is selling on Amazon for $24,299. Anyone, anyone....?

May 12
Spent WAY too much at garage sales today, but I have a TON of stuff to show for it (and a TON of stuff that's for other people.)

May 13
Elliott got up with the girls this AM and is going to make us waffles. Then a drive up the canyon with the family for time together and dinner out. (Maybe some time in there for a visit to Starbucks). Life is good! Happy Mothers Day everyone!

May 14
Swapping out clothing for sizes and seasons for all four girls really takes awhile... Geesh!

Totally stalling making the bed with the clean sheets. Organizing all those clothes really did me in today (seriously!)

May 15
Busted out the little girls' swimming pool today. Guess it's officially summer!

May 17
Filling my Downton Abbey withdrawal with some new Sherlock Holmes episodes. If you haven't yet seen the new version on PBS, catch Season 1 on Netflix and Season 2 on I love Benedict Cumberbatch (which is, by the way, the BEST British name EVER!)

Enjoying an "build-your own omelet bar" for dinner with some farm fresh eggs, courtesy of Lizzie and Joshua. Yum!!

May 18
There is nothing worse than egg vomit. Nothing. The end.

Officially hit my wall. After being up most of the night with kiddoes, this morning I put together 200 goodie bags for a women's event at church tonight, then showered and performed some minor sewing alterations on my outfit. Now that I have an hour and half til Elliott come home and I have to leave for church, I can feel my mind checking out. I hope it checks back in later.

May 19
You know it's sayin' somethin' when I want to take a nap. I NEVER nap!

May 20
We watched the solar eclipse tonight through Elliott's grandpa's old welding mask we found in Grandma's garage. That. Was. Awesome.

May 21
Took the girls to Kennecott Copper Mine this AM with a quick detour by the coolest little town park you ever did see with some new homeschooling-mom friends. Now I need to buckle down and get packed up for our trip on Wednesday!!

May 22
T minus 24 hours: Just need to finish the laundry and pack up both the people and the car for our week in Missouri. But after 7 hours straight sleep (thank you Emma for being such a sweet girl) I am feelin' good at 6am. Let's hope I keep the momentum going!

There is SO much more room in the car when you DON'T have to pack all the baby equipment. Thanks Tracy and Abra for the loaners!

Car is packed and everyone is ready to go. Except Elliott, who ALWAYS packs at the last minute. I suppose we complement each other well (says the hyper-organized, list-making, always-early wife.)

In an attempt to find more summer clothes for vacation, I hacked the legs off two pairs of pants. I guess I'll worry about shortage of pants this fall.

May 23
If you like that last update, you'll love that I re-dyed my Wal-Mart jeans this week so you couldn't tell I patched the knee. They look awesome again! :)

We're on time! Hitting the road in T-minus 60 minutes... Only 1000 miles to go! (I laughed at Google Maps directions: "Continue on I-80 for 868 miles through Wyoming and Nebraska. Approx. 13 hours 20 minutes."

May 24
On the road at the appointed 7am yesterday (don't know why people asked me if I got on the road on time, I always do!) and 16 1/2 hours later we arrived.  The girls were INCREDIBLY awesome and the trip was smooth as silk. Praise God!

May 26
We had a great time at the zoo yesterday. Today holds another exciting event: my niece Jessie's first birthday party! Throw in some Cracker Barrel breakfast and seeing lots of friends/family (while being able to introduce my daughters to those who've never met them) and I am stoked!

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