Spring Decorations

It’s shaping up to look a little like spring around the house.  I didn’t do too much, but I tried to add a few touches.

I picked up some fake forsythia at the craft store for $2.50 (I love forsythia) and threw some plastic Easter eggs under a cloche.

I love the phrase “He is not here.  He is risen!” from the Bible, so I printed it out in a font I like (Honey Script) and framed it.  No biggie.

I added a few spring-y elements to the top of the piano, including some fake hydrangeas in a metal can and some books about Christ and Easter (though no one would know that but me).

I found this little white bird house at a garage sale last year, as well as the two little bird statues.  I filled a glass jar with some more Easter eggs and again framed my favorite Bible phrase.  This time however I wanted to add some color.  I printed out the same Word document and used a pencil to heavily shade the back of the text.  Then I placed the paper on top of some yellow scrapbook paper I had and traced over the text.  The heavy pencil leading on the back caused the text to be copied onto the scrapbook paper.  Neat huh?  Then I just used some white craft paint to paint the traced letters, so that my finished words were white.  I really love how it turned out.  The best part – this is a technique that could work with any text.  The wheels are spinning…. hmmm….

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