March Updates {Life Via Facebook}

March 2
Emma's gag reflex kicked in BIG TIME with the broccoli I just tried to feed her. Needless to say, she's not a fan. She digs asparagus though, go figure.

March 3
Trying to figure out the opposite sex - Lily: "Do boys like longnecks?" Ava: "Some of the boys in my class have dinosaur t-shirts, so I think so..."

March 4
My almost-Leap-Day baby Lily is four years old today! She is most excited to reach the milestone where she can now go to sleepovers at Grandma's house. That and her favorite waffles I have planned for lunch. But wait til she sees her cake tonight!

March 5
"You already ate your dinner Ava, you're doing awesome." I'm doing better than awesome actually. "Oh you are? What's better than awesome?" Amazing. (Okey dokey then!)

March 8
I had thought about asking for the new Lady Antebellum CD for Christmas; I didn't. So I thought about asking for it for my birthday. Well HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY to me - the album download is only $.25 today on Amazon. Yeah baby!

March 9
For those following me on Pinterest, you can tell I've been investigating making my own version of Bum Genius cloth diapers. Well, just so happens JoAnn Fabrics now carries a whole line of special fabric for just that purpose. Guess I have no excuse now, huh?

OK, so I know I JUST got done making a sewing room downstairs, but I have been inspired by fellow bloggers (and encouraged by my hubby) to turn the empty front room into my sewing area. I will be able to take advantage of natural light and keep an eye on the kids better. Since I have a slew of sewing projects coming down the pipeline, why not?

March 12
To-do list today: register Ava for Kindergarten (where did the time go??), watch the new "Footloose" movie and go on a walk to collect little twigs for Elliott to use in his new fire pit so we can roast marhsmallows tonight.

March 14
Trying to remind myself hospitatity isn't about how clean the house is. I SWEAR it was SO clean yesterday afternoon. Then dinner happened, then sidewalk chalk happened, then bathtime happened....

March 15
Lily: Leprachauns are Amish, right mommy? Me: No, I don't think so. Lily: No, I mean the leprachauns TALK Amish. (Took me awhile to figure out she meant IRISH.)

March 17
So, I messed up and kept telling the girls St. Patrick's Day was Sunday. And now Ava is very glad to have one more day to perfect her leprauchan trap and Lily is glad she has an extra day to find her green baseball t-shirt. I intend to keep this ruse up ALL DAY. Do you think it will work??

Our new babysitter just called to see if she could bring Play-Doh for the girls. Um, YES! (We might have a keeper.)

March 18
My grandma would be so proud right now - Lily is enjoying "Lawrence Welk" right now, dancing around the room while Emma is getting such a kick out of watching Lily.

March 19
Making homemade gnocchi. YUM!

Emma was rockin' the beret at church on Sunday. (Picture courtesy of the teenage girl who was watching her in nursery, texted a pic of Emma to her mom while at church "because she's so cute" and I just had coffee with her mom - "was your daughter the one with the hat?" LOL)

March 20
Well, safety scissors are STILL scissors. Piper just took a chunk out of Ava's finger. Lovely...

Just spotted a can of refried beans in the pantry. I am gonna change up my whole menu for tonight just cause refried beans sound good. Ha ha!

March 21
I am working on a list of chores that the girls will get to choose when they do something naughty. Any suggestions from other mommys?

March 22
Poor Ava seems to be allergic to *something* that's blooming right now and it's making her entire body break out. I have no other answer (no new foods, places, or detergent). We've been doing oatmeal baths, Cortaid all over followed by hypoallergenic lotion and finally Benadryl, which kicks her butt and makes her pass right out. So the upside is bedtimes are alot easier right now.

March 24
Bought a 9 ft Christmas tree at a garage sale today. Now only if my ceilings were 9 ft tall. Hmmmm......

March 26
Was spontaneous today and took the girls to see the otters at the aquarium. Gosh darn it, are those little critters CAH-ute!

When Piper has to pick something: "Inny minny, inny moe."

I admit it - I am enjoying reading "The Hunger Games". Today Ava saw me with the book and said "hey mom, I saw a movie of The Hunger Games, I bet you would like it!" (Isn't she sweet?) Glad to have jumped on this bandwagon (Can you imagine if I hadn't read "The Help" before everyone else and then refused to jump on that bandwagon what I would've missed? That's a sad thought.)

March 27
Guess who's cut TWO teeth this week? And she's never been fussy! What a doll.

March 28
Reason for Food Storage #231: When you burn all the cookies for your preschooler's VIP Day tomorrow, at least you have a stockpile of fruit snacks.

March 29
WHAT, no breakfast buffets on Friday mornings? Las Vegas spoiled me.

March 31
Some more garage saling steals today, including to new gDiapers (what I use with Emma) for $1 each. Oh yeah! Also a whole bag of clothes for Ava for summer/fall for $12 and three pairs of summer sandals for me for $1 each.

Elliott's new Smartphone has me feeling a teensy bit jealous. And behind the times.

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