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I saw the idea of sending hugs on Pinterest and thought it would be such a fun way to share our love during Valentine's Day.  So the girls and I made "hugs" to send to Grandma and Grandpa Johnson.  I just laid the girls down on freezer paper (because I have a ton of it) and traced them.  Then they got creative and colored all over "their" hugs.  Of course I forgot to take "before" shots, but luckily G&G took some pics and sent them to me.  Isn't this so cute?


I saw this picture floating around Pinterest:

But when I tried to follow it down the rabbit hole it seems to be a dead link.  I couldn't find the actual artist or artwork on Etsy so I decided to create my own version:

I turned this graphic into the cover of  a lined notebook via Shutterfly (the picture is designed to accommodate the spiral binding which will cut off the edges) and sent it to my sister Tracy.  Just because I love her (Hi Tracy!  Love you!).  And it made me laugh.  And you can't have enough notebooks.  Apparently Tracy agrees; she told me she loves it too!


Ava was having a sleepover at Grandma's with her cousin Linden and I thought I would do a little something special for them.  To be honest, the inspirational pin came from Etsy but I knew I could do it myself.  So I did it myself.  The girls loved them and I am looking forward to creating a tradition for all the little girl cousins who get to have sleepovers at Grandma's.  Lily's turn is next!


Although this technically isn't a Pinterest project, I wanted to share it with you.  I have been working to put together our 3 Month Food Storage and my method is recipe based.  I create seven breakfasts and seven dinners (lunches are considered to be leftovers or snacks) and then work out the recipes and how much of each ingredient I need to make it 12 times.  I wanted to make it easy to have everything on hand including recipes, so I created the recipes as 4x6 graphics which I print as photos:

I picked up a $.97 photo booklet from Wal-Mart to hold all of the recipes and then created a fun little graphic for the front of the booklet using free digital scrapbooking elements and fonts (yeah, I found some way to use these fun things I've been collecting!):

I like that it is now all in one place and very put together looking.


adelynSTONE via Sarah on Pinterest
Using this tutorial, I made up my own batch of eye makeup remover and fit it all in a (cleaned out) empty travel-sized shower gel bottle from Bath & Body Works I had laying around (which I snagged for free with a coupon and then used to make more foaming hand soap, woo hoo!). And it works! I smells yummy because of the baby shampoo and it costs pennies. If you are in need of some more eye makeup remover, I highly recommend that you try making your own.


As I was organizing Emma's closet I checked some old (I mean really old) baby wipes and discovered that they had dried out long ago. I threw them away. Then pulled them out of the trash. Yes I did. Because I wondered what would happen if I added some of my homemade orange-infused white vinegar.

I diluted the the vinegar with water and then poured the mixture over the wipes, labeled them and threw them under the counter.


I will say that they do clean and disinfect.  But it smells like vinegar.  I don't care what people say, the smell didn't dissipate when I wiped down the bathroom.  I actually used some Febreze to try and get rid of the vinegar smell. 

In all truthfulness, I also used the orange vinegar diluted in hot water to scrub down the kitchen floor this week and I didn't experience the same smelly effect.  So I don't know.  I think though, at this point I will restrict my vinegar usage to mopping.

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Tracy Lindley said...

YAY! I DO love the notebook and thank you once again for your thoughtfulness. I can't wait to try the recipe book idea and makeup remover--totally stuff I can use!