{February Updates} Life Via Facebook

February 2
Mildly obsessed with making White Chocolate Frito Popcorn for the Super Bowl.

From my two-year old potty-trainer: "Don't watch me naked mom!" and kicks me out of the bathroom.

February 3
I went to bed last night at 8 (asleep around 9) and woke up at 7 with only two nighttime kiddoe wake-ups. I feel GOOD! (Much needed).

(overheard conversation): Lily - "...and that's the circle of time." Ava - "you mean life." Lily - "yeah, circle of life." Thank you Elton John!

February 6
I have a food/Pepsi hangover. Yuck!

I have gotten a little ambitious on Ebay in the last couple of days. Can't believe I had forgotten about this site!

February 7
I've had Emma in the jumper so much that just now, when I put her in the Excersaucer, she was trying to bounce up and down. Needless to say, it didn't work.

February 8
On a morning where it would be very easy to be annoyed at things (including Piper's uber-independance and the meltdowns it causes), my perspective is righted by Piper cheerfully singing "Jesus Loves the Little Children" with all of her might.

Does anyone have a good recipe that uses a can of CREAMED CORN? I have a few random ones running around the pantry and I haven't a clue why, since I never use it!

February 10
So excited to have some new friends over this morning! Even happier that the girls think the visit is for THEM since a little girl is coming to play too.

February 13
Once again, just playing around. Took the girls to a museum this morning and now am trying to finish up V Day projects. What a nice day!

February 14
As many times as I blow my diet eating what the girls leave behind, it seems to be balanced out in the moments when I really want a donut at the grocery store but don't want to share with four other people. So I don't get the donut.

OK restaurants, you KNOW Valentine's Day is going to be one of the busiest days of the year. YOU KNOW THIS! The first sushi place I called for carry-out said they aren't doing it because they are too busy. The second isn't even picking up the phone. Stupid people. Grr......

February 15
I am proud to say that I am watching "The Art of Making Bread" and I apparently already know what I'm doing. Hooray!

February 17
Pretty much been up since 2:45 AM and am capping the night off with an impromptu doctor visit to diagnose Lily's ear infection. That's it, I'm signing off now and passing out.

February 19
Piper loves chocolate "because it tastes just like candy!!"

February 21
Really, REALLY need to get to the grocery store today. But baby is needy, Piper is coughing and I am tired. Bad combination.

February 23
Can two year olds have insomnia? Apparently mine can. I think it's a two-pot kind of coffee day.

February 25
Dear lady at Hancock Fabric: It may be preferable to go without eyebrows for the day rather than use lilac eyeshadow to paint them on. Sincerely, me.

I know I am not hip anymore, but would you PLEASE stop referring to it as "Oscar Sunday" and just please tell me what calendar day "Oscar Sunday" is? I JUST figured out that it is tomorrow. Grrr....

February 26
I have already let it be known that I am out of commission today. Dinner ready for the oven and the Oscar red carpet countdown on E!. Need something? Ask Daddy.

Flipping back and forth between the Oscars and Snake Hunters. Talk about diverging interests!!

February 27
The scene where Ryan Gosling meets Emma Stone's parents in "Crazy Stupid Love" - best ever!

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