Thoughts Today

Only one more day and my family will be here!  My brother, my sister, and all their families are coming for a long weekend visit.  I am beside myself with giddiness.  We haven't all been in the same room since my sister's wedding in 2004.  This will be so much fun!  I already have a photographer booked to capture family photos (a genuine treat for my mom especially, who will be moving right after everyone else does so these memories are especially precious for her).  Stay tuned for LOTS of photos.

So what else is going on around here?  I was watching "Baby's First Day" on TLC yesterday morning (why? because I was sitting on the couch nursing Emma and there is literally nothing on TV) and decided it is still too soon to be watching shows like that.  Seeing the mom in natural labor almost gave me an anxiety attack.  Seriously, I am pretty sure y blood pressure was a little elevated.  I think I need some more distance; not quite ready to see that yet.

Daylight Savings Time has thrown the girls off.  Way, way off.  5:30,5:45 am wake up times.  Uggh!  This momma doesn't function before 6:30.  Compounded with no naps and early bedtimes, and the cycle repeats.  Everyone is so tired today that they are all taking naps and I am hoping the later bedtime this produces will help them sleep in a bit more.

Speaking of naps, two year old Piper is no longer taking naps.  Yuck!  I really enjoyed the two hour reprieve every day, but lately she just doesn't run out of steam and protests ("I no take naps!") when the time rolls around.  When she was taking naps, she would then stay up two hours past putting her to bed, playing and singing to herself (Elliott and I could hear her).  In the end she rarely gets cranky and just keeps going, like a little Energizer Bunny, antagonizing her older sisters (which is really funny to witness but still tiresome to have to referee).  And bedtimes now are super easy.  She still protests ("I no wanna go to bed!") but then she passes out after a few minutes and then sleeps until 8am or so, so I let it slide.

Emma has been doing very well, sleeping-wise.  Her nap schedule is still solidifying, but I know what it is.  Her bedtime at night is about 7:30pm, up once to nurse about 4am, then up for the day about 7am.  Three nights in a row last week she slept through the night (yeah!) so I have been getting quite a bit of sleep.  I would get even more sleep if I would go to bed earlier, but that's on me isn't it?

Here's a couple of kid-isms to make you smile today:

Ava, holding Emma: "Can I hand this over?".  Me: This has a name.

After breakfast, Piper: "I all rea-dy!".  Ready for what?  "I all ready for da day!"


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I hope you have a blast with your family!!
Love the kid quotes at the bottom of your post! So funny!

Jennifer B said...

I am so excited for you. I can't wait for you all to have a wonderful time. Hopefully the girls get on a better schedule soon.