I Am Now a gMum

My new big news - we are officially making the switch to cloth diapers. A third of you probably thought I already did that, another third are wondering what took me so long, and the last third wonder why would I ever want to. Ha ha! I am wondering all of that too.

When we moved to Las Vegas and were expecting our first child I considered it. However, at the time, it was pointed out to me that the "greener" option in an area with limited water was to limit my water usage, i.e. washing cloth diapers. It made sense to me and so we went with disposables.

So what changed my mind? First, we are no longer in Las Vegas so I figured it was time to reevaluate. Second, I needed to purchase diapers for Piper and knew it was now or never. I would spend approximately the same amount on a box as I would spend on an initial order of two diapers, so after talking about it with Elliott we decided to bite the bullet. We realize the initial investment will be a little more, but in the end it will be worth it since Emma is just starting her diaper usage.

When we started talking about cloth diapers I realized I was very ignorant on the topic. So I started talking to friends who used cloth diapers, getting their opinions. I even looked on You Tube to try and figure it all out with visual aids. In the end I decided to go with gDiapers. I liked that the insert was separate and if the baby was wet I would only need to change the insert, not the whole piece. I found the gDiapering series at Joyful Abode sooo helpful for figuring it all out; if you are at all interested you must read her series. I am using my friend Jen's suggestion of using microfiber towels (found in the automotive section of Sams Club) as inserts as well as using prefolds as suggested by Joyful Abode (cause I have those laying around), and I even found a tutorial on Sew Kate Sew on making my own gDiaper inserts should I feel like actually sewing some from other materials (like leftover bits of towels and fleece).

I was certain that this transition would help Piper potty train faster; she seems so ready right now.  However today she is in her gDiapers for the first time and she seems to be stubbornly refusing to go near the potty (although she is excited about the jellybeans she will get as a reward should she decide to use the potty).  Sitting in her own pee doesn't seem to phase her a bit.  Yep, she's a stubborn one.

I put Emma in them for the first time yesterday and it was baptism by fire - she had a big poo that didn't all stay in the insert, but in praise of the gDiaper it did stay in the liner and nothing leaked out.  I think that's saying alot.  I just wasn't thrilled that that was the first diaper I had to change. 

I had already stockpiled quite a few disposable diapers, so I have decided to use them at night and for trips when we are out and about.  Eventually we will run out and use cloth diapers exclusively, but I think this is a good compromise to use up the stash.

The gDiapers come in three sizes - small, medium, and large - and Emma is already in medium while Piper is large.  I have two diapers in each size, plus two extra liners that rotate between the two.  I would like to get a few more in each size, but this is actually not a bad start.  I bought some off Ebay and some at Babies R Us.  I also have a 20% coupon for Babies R Us, so I will probably go pick up a couple more later on (unless I get a smokin' deal on Ebay, but this is a hot ticket item I am discovering).

I will keep you up to speed on how it is working out.  As I said to Elliott last night- I have everything now, I have no excuse.  Yes I am nervous.  It's new territory.  I am super slow at changing a diaper (that's a new feeling).   But it is something I am committed to.  So stay tuned.

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