Elliott's 40th Birthday

A milestone birthday this year for Elliott.  Wednesday he turned 40!
We celebrated with all of the Kay family on Sunday with a BBQ at his parents house, complete with his requested mashed potatoes and a yummy chocolate cake (among all the other goodies). 

Last week I told him I gave his mom some ideas for his birthday. He paused and then said "I don't know what you told her, I can't think of anything I want."  But I had remembered a few things he had mentioned (wink, wink).

Mom & Dad Kay gave him a BYU flag (along with a pole) to fly in our front yard on game days - a long held wish to rival our next door neighbor's U of U flag.  He also got a couple of gift cards to spend on himself, one for CDs at Target and one for Outback Steakhouse from the Valgardsons.

His big birthday present this year was our trip to New Orleans the end of May, so I didn't get him anything on the actual day.  The girls colored him lots of pictures (lots!) and I made him this fun goodie to take to work with him:

Isn't that fun?  I saw the idea over on Blue Cricket Design and knew I had to make it.
For dinner he requested a trip to Red Robin, a family favorite.  They sent him a e-coupon for a free burger of his choice (his favorite is the Royal Red Robin; it has an egg on it) and the girls love the bottomless fries.  To sweeten the deal even further (no pun intended) they brought him a slice of their chocolate ice cream cake.  Yummy!  The girls and shared it with him. (In fact I think we ate most of it.) 

We went home and got the girls in bed, then I busted out his last treat - homemade cheesecake, his favorite dessert and always requested in lieu of a birthday cake.  I don't know where we found the room to eat more, but somehow we did.  It will be nice to have it to enjoy the rest of the week, helping make the celebration last even longer.


Tracy Lindley said...

I think that sounds like a perfect bday for Elliott--very personalized and just what he wanted: simple and a great time with his wonderful wife and kids. I'm glad he got his flag to stick it to the neighbor :) Your sucker jar is cute--I don't know how you find the time to make this stuff! But you are truly thoughtful and creative and have a wonderful husband who loves and appreciates you. Good job! Love you!

Tracy Lindley said...

Ha! Matthew and I have a friend at church turning 40 tomorrow and employed your jar idea, plus one of our own. Matthew had the notion to put KY jelly and a pair of rubber gloves in a plastic bag with the label: Home Prostate Exam Kit. We'll let you know tomorrow how it goes over :) Can't wait to see his face!