Life in Photos

Ava has been spelling out everyone's names, including our past dogs.  On separate sheets of paper.  Needless to say, she's been using alot of paper.  But all of the girls have.  Elliott brings home stacks and stacks of used paper - and the girls go through all of it.  Even Piper has been coloring.  Her latest handiwork - coloring her cast purple.

This photo is a little bit older as Emma is a bit bigger now, but this scene is a familiar one.  They all love their baby sister and fight over who gets to lay down next to her.

Doesn't Emma look so comfy on daddy's chest?  She doesn't like to lay like that on mine, as she can smell the milk and goes hunting for it.

Just a pretty baby.  That's it.  Next photo...

We picked up an extra bike helmet and kneepads at a garage sale one day.   Since Ava already had hers, we promised these to Lily.  She put them on in the van and refused to take them off until we took her out for a spin on her bike with training wheels (which we purchased the beginning of the summer and had yet to try out).

The girls wanted to go outside and play one day just as it started to rain.  So instead they sat at the doorway and watched for awhile.

More pictures of a cute baby.  Next ...

Have I ever shown you a picture of our entertainment center?  When we moved into our place last year there media niche in the living room and I hunted around (and saved up) just the right sized piece.  This monster came from IKEA (I think they are being discontinued) and it fit like a dream.  Anyway, I have been tinkering with it, decorating it for fall - a hurricane with acorns, another large vase with beaded pumpkins, and twig pumpkins on top.  The letter "K" decoration was a gift from my friend Lisa.  The brown canvas bins underneath came from Target and hold the girls' books and toys, burp cloths, blankets and DVDs.  And one of these days we WILL be upsizing our TV.

This is a small collection of our tomato harvest.  At the height of the season I picked 52 in one week.
Right now is the second wave and we are enjoying them alot.
This is one of my favorite ways to eat our tomatoes - on ciabatta bread with pesto, basil and mozzarella, broiled.  I also LOVE caprese salad.

Lily adores holding her baby sister.  And usually Emma likes it too.

I also forgot to tell you I chopped my hair off again.  Here's the new 'do.  I LOVE it!  Literally takes two minutes to do it and once it's done I feel so put together.

Last but not least,  I leave you with a smile.  OK, it's a pretty bad picture but I was trying desperately to capture to magic we see every day.  I know people say babies don't smile this young, but Emma came out with one on her face.  We have seen it every day of her little life and it gets more and more pronounced.  She loves being talked to and is especially happy first thing in the morning after her breakfast.  We can't wait to see more!

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