First Day of Preschool

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to school we go. And this year - two are in school! We enrolled both Ava and Lily in the same preschool that Ava attended last year. It's an in-home preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays, taught by a long-time teacher who focuses on academics while keeping a fun environment.  Best yet: it's just right up the street from us. Ava loved it and Lily was so excited to be able to go this year. In fact, all summer long we kept telling her (when she would ask) that she could go "after the baby came" so when Emma was born one of the first things Lily said was "can I go to school now?".

Lily is attending the 3 year old class from 9-11am and Ava goes to the 4 year old class from 1-3 pm. Ava attended the 4 year old class last year too, but because her birthday (October 21) is past the September 1 cut-off for Utah public school enrollment, she is not eligible to attend kindergarten this year. The schedule has actually been really nice. The night before the girls pick out their outfits for the next day. In the morning either Elliott or I drop Lily off, then after I pick her up we have a good chunk of time to eat lunch and get everybody rounded up to walk Ava to school. Afterwards I come home and put Piper and Lily down for naps (Lily is just too tired after school to make it through the afternoon without one) and then hopefully have some quiet time (if Emma lets me). Once Ava gets picked up we have snack time and then the girls play until dinner. It's been a nice schedule and the girls are settling in well.

Our first day of preschool this year was the Tuesday after Labor Day. I wanted to make the day a little special so I made pancakes with strawberries for breakfast (the girls' favorite) before walking Lily to school.


 Lily was SO excited - and Ava was such a ham for the camera. 
I even made a little treat for the girls to give their classmates on their first day of school.  I thought it turned out really cute (especially for just using what I had on hand)!  

We finished the day off by going for shaved ice.  But since I couldn't find any shacks that were open, we ended up at Sonic (happy hour, yeah!) for slushies.  I don't think the girls minded the change one bit.

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Tracy Lindley said...

Matthew and I agree that Ava looks so...old. I hardly recognize her anymore, she's such a grown up girl! She and Lily look SO cute in their "first day of school" pic and I just rolled my eyes when I saw that my crafty sis had concocted a goodie bag giveaway for all the classmates. You are superwoman! Thanks for the schedule update, I always wonder how you fit it all in but it sounds like a beautifully orchestrated day--what fun! Love the pancakes too and my mouth is watering...better go to bed before I stick my head in the fridge for a late-night snack