Piper’s First Haircut

It’s only fitting that a new year bring a new haircut, right?    Piper’s second birthday was Saturday and as part of the celebration (ok, not really, it’s just when we could get into the salon) her Aunt Rachel gave her her first big girl haircut.  Up until now the only thing I had done to it was make a hack job of some bangs a few months back.   So it was about time.


Her hair is very fine and straight, just like Ava’s at that age.  But it was growing at all different rates, with some areas being much longer than the others.  Rachel suggested cutting it into a little bob, just to shape it up and let it grow out nicely.

Piper got freaked out from the get-go and was an unhappy camper throughout the process.  I sat next to her, holding her hand and trying to get her to sing along with me.  Gratefully Rachel was quick and result is amazing!  Elliott and I both agree that this was the day we lost our little baby girl for good.  The haircut makes her look so much older.  Be still me heart!

As much as she protested throughout her ordeal, as soon as she was finished she started touching her hair and telling anyone who would listen “Daddy, a haircut!”  “Mommy, a haircut!”  She loves it!


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