Kay Camping Trip

The weekend of July 22 the Kay clan took an overnight camping trip in Heber Valley, at a gorgeous LDS Church campsite that families can rent.  We had a site with three cabins, pavilion and full kitchen amenities.  As far as camping goes, I am pretty sure this was easy-peasy.  Just my style.
We all arrived Friday night and between the families we split up the meals.  Friday night Josh and Lizzie cooked up a delicious spread of hot dogs (for the kids), salmon, beef roast, rolls and veggies.  Dessert was provided by Rachel - the classic S'mores.    We all had a great time standing around the campfire with the kids, cooking up the goodies.
Suprisingly enough all of the kids went to bed fairly easily (I think they were all just tuckered out) and slept well.  Being in a cabin with real beds probably helped.  Alot.
 Lovely ladies just chillin'
 Kam and Asher enjoying a game of Scrabble
Lizzie and Grandma prepping dinner 
The men cooking up hot dogs
Grandpa cooking up the veggies for dinner

A tableful of Kay grandchildren

Piper loved her hot dog.  We also found a "table" just her height (a bench seat).

 After-dinner dessert: S'mores

I think the S'mores are a hit!

The next morning I was assigned breakfast.  I brought along fresh fruit, milk, yogurt, and a couple varieties of muffins.  Kids started trickling out early (Ava was the first at around 6:45) but we enjoyed some awesome morning entertainment:

There were a total of three young deer who were wandering around camp, getting their breakfast too.  One of them walked right past the pavilion, where the kids who were up were entranced with the show.  It was pretty cool!

After everyone was up and had eaten breakfast (and fit in a short Zumba session led by Sarianna) we headed down to the lake for some canoeing.
Fitting in some time to play in the sandbox
Suited up!
We discovered that Lily loves to paddle and is excellent at it!

After canoeing we had a yummy sandwich lunch (courtesy of Kam and Sarianna), then everyone went for a hike (the kids had been begging to go all morning) while I took an hour-long nap. After the hike we all pitched in and cleaned up the camp. Piper kept herself busy by doing this:

We were all completely exhausted (all three girls crashed in the car ride out of camp) but not ready to end the vacation so we headed back to Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner and a little more visiting.  It was a nice way to wrap things up and good to spend as much time with all of the family as we could.


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Looks SO FUN!!!

Tracy Lindley said...

Man, I am totally jealous--what a great time!!! This is what all family vacations should look like, kind of like National Lampoon except people aren't fighting and there are no pets or RVs involved. Yup, they could make a movie out of the Kay family vacays for sure. My fav pic was of Piper buckling in her stuffed animals--what a hoot! Congrats on making it through AND having fun. Love you!