Children’s Museum Visit

The last week of March I convinced Elliott to take a day off from work and join us in visiting the Children’s Museum in Salt Lake City.  I had a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ coupon which expired at the end of the month and I couldn’t let it go to waste.  Neither one of us had any idea what to expect, but we thought the girls would have a great time.  We were right!

The first stop, right inside the entrance, is a large play area full of plastic balls (the kind you find in ball pits).  Kids can send them down tubes, up pneumatic tubes, spinning around, etc.  The girls loved it!  It remains Piper’s favorite attraction in the whole museum.

We made our way further into the museum, where we discovered a baby play zone, a haven of calm in a sea of school group visitors.  Piper and Lily ran around, finding fun things to do.


Ava wanted to play in the water feature, so I managed to a find a spot to squeeze her in amongst the school kids.


When some of the school groups cleared out, Lily ventured forth too.

Piper made new friends.

We went to a special art class at 11am, where the girls got to make pictures of ants and trees using stamps to make thumb prints.  As usual Ava was the most serious in her concentration, Lily tried her best, and Piper was simply excited to be included and had to be kept away from the ink pads.

There were several play areas where the girls enjoyed spending time – a construction zone, grocery store, farm, and house.  There was also a life size horse statue that kids could climb up on, so all the girls took their turns:


021 022
There was so much to see and do we took a break for lunch, visiting the food court at the attached mall and putting in a phone call to Ava’s preschool teacher letting her know we wouldn’t be back in time for class, then went back for a second round.  The afternoon was much easier to navigate as all of the school groups were gone, allowing the younger children to fully explore and play. 

When we finally left, Ava and Lily convinced me to stop by the outdoor fountain down the street, where they delighted in the musical show that accompanied the fountains.  It was a lovely way to finish off our fun family day.


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Tracy Lindley said...

What fun! Levi was about 18 months when we took him to the children's museum in Omaha with Dad and he had an absolute blast--his favorite attraction was the ball blower thing too, like his cousin Piper :) I'm so glad you could all enjoy it together and make some fun memories as a family.
Love, Aunt Tracy