Big Girls’ Bedroom Reveal

Thursday I had a burst of energy and a need to cross things off my to-do list.  The girls were playing nicely together (albeit disassembling everything in sight, but hey we’ll worry about that later right?) so I decided to go for it. 

Here are the results: 
They both now have twin beds, a bunk bed set I got at a garage sale for $30, including mattresses.  After getting them home we realized how hard the little boys before us had been on them, so they needed some cleaning and repairs – which I tackled yesterday.  Lily’s bed needed all new slats for the frame (which Elliott’s dad helped us cut apart) and Ava’s slats only needed minor repairs.  Both were easy to fix.

When Elliott and I put the beds in the room we realized that there wasn’t going to be much room for anything else, including their dresser.  So I pulled out the dresser drawers and stashed them under the beds pending purchase of under-bed storage bins.  And I hated looking at them every minute of every day.  So while the beds were in a state of disassembly I took the opportunity to attach matching bedskirts. 

The bedskirt was actually a crib skirt I picked up at a garage sale last year for less than a buck.  I cut it apart, shortened the length to size, then stapled it to the inside of the frame.  Voila!   The girls also got new mattress pads which makes the whole bed seem cozier.  The matching quilts came from Homegoods and I like them for two reasons:  they are thinner than comforters, which means I can wash them in my washing machine with no trouble; and because there is little white space (something that threw me a little at first) they will hide stains better.

I am wild about the light green and pink color scheme and just can’t get away from it.  I think the addition of the bedding and skirts really pulls the room together.  And I also think if it weren’t a rental I would try to find a sweet little chandelier to rewire to the ceiling.

The little corner at the foot of Ava’s bed now houses a cute little rug I had squirreled away for the longest time.  Although in the pink and green color scheme, I never quite found the right place for it.  Now I have.  I put up a couple of shelves (painted to match the walls) for trinkets and below I attached some pink and green flower clips from Pottery Barn Kids (also a garage sale find) so the girls can display their artwork.

The window is still a work in progress.  The arch above the window gives me fits, but the green material that is up there now is supposed to be room darkening (although not as much as I would like).  I actually hung different curtain rods yesterday too.  This rod hangs higher to the ceiling and the rings slide back and forth so much easier than the last rod, a constant annoyance to me.  Some day I will probably spray paint the rod ivory, but not today.  The curtains themselves need to be finished off properly.  As they are now, the cute striped fabric and a dark brown flannel are just clipped together on the rod with the ends hanging free.  It bothers me, but obviously not enough to do anything about right now.

On the wall you will find these sweet little girls.  I made them for the girls’ bedroom out of blank canvases, scrapbook paper, and Modge Podge.  I got the idea from somewhere but for the life of me can’t remember where!  I am in love with them.

I also created this dot garland to attach to the ceiling.  I used a circle punch and two-sided scrapbook paper, then simply sewed them all together in one long string on my sewing machine, leaving space between each dot.  I attached them to the ceiling using glue dots (because that’s what I had on hand).
On the other side of the room is Lily’s bed.  She likes to sleep on the “wrong end” because it is closer to the lamp (and to Ava).  Cute, huh?  I made the girls’ names out of foam core and scrapbook paper a long time ago and had strung them on ribbon in our last home.  This time though I attached each letter individually to the wall with Command strips; I really like the effect much better.  I also hung the rest of their framed photos (from their bedroom decor in Las Vegas) and attached some more flower clips for their artwork.  The clips are now proudly hanging their latest creation from yesterday.

I love, love, LOVE the feel of the room.  It is so sweet and fresh and girly.  If I were a little girl I think I would love it too!  Ava and Lily seem to and that’s what matters.

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

The girls room so cute! I LOVE the bedding! I've always been a big fan of pink and green. The girls w/ pigtails artwork you made is adorable! Great job on their room!