Lily’s First Haircut

Lily’s hair was out of control.  You all know that.  I talk about it here, I even put it on the Christmas card.  So we bit the bullet and sought professional help in the form of her Aunt Rachel, our family hairstylist.  We were not disappointed!   And Lily was the best customer of the day, she behaved so well, I am so proud of her.

Lily looks AH-MAZING!  Her soft curls look great every morning, whether I do anything to them or not.  A quick brush, a little product if we need a lift.  Good to go!

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

She looks so beautiful! She's turning into a little lady, the toddler is going away. It makes me a little sad and I'm not even her mother!

Tracy Lindley said...

That 'do is awesome, Lily!!! You look so gorgeous! And I'm glad it takes less time for your mommy to fix your hair every day. Love you!
Aunt Tracy