Family Update


My “little” Piper isn’t so little anymore.  *sniff*  At 16 months she thinks she is as big as her sisters are and tries to do everything they do.  If they climb it, she will climb it.  If they are singing, she will try and sing along.
She loves to dance, specifically to a particular song that her Grandma Kay sings.  Whenever we sing and clap to it, she will start to dance – a little pony trot/skipping-type step.  The other day I caught her trying to sing the song herself while she was dancing around the room.

Over the last week she has turned into a sudden chatterbox.  I have been able to understand her fairly well up to this point, but now she babbles and babbles as if telling a story to you.  Many times her inflection is pitch perfect and her little stories make my heart melt.

Lily and Ava continue to pursue their passion – coloring.  They can be found most mornings at the kitchen table with blank paper or coloring books in hand.  Ava’s creations are getting so much more realistic.  The other morning she colored a picture of her on a swingset – and she had the swing in motion.   I was blown away.  Lily has started to really branch out on her own, creating all sorts of stories on the blank paper.  Last night she was telling me a long story about the picture she was drawing.  Such an imagination!

Lily continues to get better and better about smiling in photos (don’t you think?).  She also sings more, making up long songs to herself where you can catch bits and pieces of songs strung together; the other night the spider came down the water spout and ate the Farmer in the Dell. 

Lily has also recently stopped taking naps. Again, *sniff*  But even though she happily went off to bed each afternoon, her little “pick me up” would cause her to stay up very late each night.  Sometimes we could hear her playing in her room two hours after we put her to bed.

Ava loves her preschool and was promoted to the advanced group last month.  She constantly surprises me with her usage of big words and phrases and how much she comprehends.  She has started to use the word “actually” - as in “Actually it was Lily, Mom”.   She is so helpful these days, a combination of wanting to do more things herself and being big enough to understand what I am asking her to do.  Either way, I am loving it.  I will send her to get something or tell somebody something and she will do it.  And she has decided she wants to grow her hair long.

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Lily's smile is so wonderful!!!