Photos from Around the House

One night at bedtime I wasn’t paying attention to what the girls were doing.  But then this caught my eye…002 
Is it just me or does this look like a crime scene photo?
For some reason the girls have been putting (clean) panties on their heads during playtime.  Even Piper likes to get in on it.

What a beautiful fall day!  On our walk home from preschool Ava ran ahead and let me capture this picture.

My mother has come to live with us now and brought her two dogs with her.  All of the girls love them but Piper especially has taken to giving them lots of love (whether they want it or not).

Can’t leave out a quick shot of my beautiful Lily!

And I also wanted to show you (very belatedly)  the tag I created to accompany gift bags for Ava’s preschool class on her birthday (we handed out some little treats).  I just used some digital scrapbooking elements I had running around my computer (probably all freebies). Isn’t it cute?

preschool tag

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Panties on there heads? Thats hilarious!! So what was the deal with the pajamas all laid out neatly on the floor? Don't kids have the most wonderful imaginations.