Happening and Thoughts

I am currently sitting at the dining table enjoying my girls as they color and cut various pieces of paper.  I do wonder why though they keep handing me bits saying “here’s your credit card mom!”.  Hmmmm… (Ok, now Lily is handing credit cards to Ava too.)

Last night we got over a foot of snow.  The girls and I have been having fun playing outside in it this morning.  Good thing I bought Ava and Lily snowsuits and gloves recently and only this Thursday did I score a couple of pairs of snowboots at the thrift store for Lily and Piper.   Now we are inside enjoy hot warm chocolate and some creative time at the table together.

Last week I twisted my left ankle up pretty good tripping over the garage stairs on my way to pick up Ava at preschool (I guess there were three stairs, not two).  I was laid up in alot of pain Thursday night, hopping on Friday and hobbling by Saturday.  The after-effects though have been longer lasting.  Two days ago (a week after the incident) I was walking around the kitchen in bare feet and noticed how dirty my feet were.  I leaned down the wipe off the top of my foot and realized it was a bruise.  Upon further inspection the discoloration goes all along the outer edge of my foot and all along the tops near my toes.  Man, no wonder it still aches pretty strongly.  So I am trying to take it easy and just rest it up, but am so glad that it is on the mend.  (There was a funny moment the day I twisted it – I got so tired of hopping that I got down on all fours and crawled down the hallway.  All three girls thought it was the funnest game ever and turned it into a race; needless to say I lost, but I laughed alot.)

Ava has been advanced into level 2 at preschool.  The teacher tests all the new kids to make sure the curriculum is appropriate and decided Ava needed some harder material.  Even as I think this is awesome news (especially to have such a dedicated teacher who notices these things) the problem we will be running into is what to do (educationally) with such a smarty-pants.  Ava is in the four year old class, even though technically she should be in three year old class based on her birthday.  And now she has been advanced within that class.  Next year she will not be able to go to kindergarten (again, based on birthday) but will be so far ahead.  *Sigh*  I suppose we will cross that bridge when we get to it, but I know it’s coming.  As I said though I feel very blessed to have a teacher who recognizes this will be a problem and will help us come up with a solution.

As part of the level 2 class she has been working on her letter sounds (which she already knows) and sounding out words.  She is doing amazing!  She is firmly on the path to reading and loving every minute of it.  In fact, she takes the initiative herself on occasions to sound out words she sees without prompting.  The other day we were practicing writing her name before school (her homework) and while I was tending to her sisters she wrote out T-I-T (ok, her choice of letter combinations is not the most appropriate for a 4 year old and I don’t know why she chose those letters), then proceeded to sound out each letter then blend them together, finally reading the word.  All. By. Herself.  Like I said, a smarty pants (and I couldn’t be prouder).

Although I don’t mention my parents much on this blog, you will start seeing them pop up.  My mom has come to live with us for the long term, something we anticipated when renting this particular house.  The conveniences and blessings of having my mother here are innumerable and I couldn’t be happier.  Not only is she available to stay with the kids during naptimes so I can run errands unencumbered, but she cleans up after us and is our go-to babysitter for newly established Elliott and Sarah Saturday Date Night.  And when I twisted my ankle last week, I was able to rest it while she helped with the kids.  She has settled right into being a part of Elliott’s extended family and enjoys the chaos that that brings.  On the flip side, my dad and stepmom live in Nebraska and have visited us out in Las Vegas a couple of times.  They are looking forward to another trip to Utah this spring and we are all excited at the thought.

Yesterday I enjoyed a day in Salt Lake City with my mom, built around a visit to my sister-in-law Rachel for a mom makeover.  She has had the same long hair/permed bangs combo since I was itty bitty and she was ready for a change.  Rachel did an ah-mazing job and mom looks 10 years younger.  I am so proud of her for taking the step and happy that she is happy.  We topped off the day with a driving tour of downtown, lunch at Squatters (my favorite restaurant) and a thrift store.  Lots and lots of fun!

Piper has become very enamored of books lately and loves to bring you books and climb into your lap.  She loves turning the pages and will often start the book over when you get to the end (if she lets you get to the end).

I have started to finish decorating the girls’ rooms.  Although they say you are never truly finished, at least I am on my way.  The other night I sat down and sketched out my ideas / the layout.  Now for some furniture refinishing and loads of crafts and projects to round it out.  Yeah!  I can’t wait to show you the finished product.

I am almost done with our Christmas preparations.  Presents are almost all finished/purchased and the ones I am missing I know exactly what I need to get.  We have decided to be very low-key this year.  Elliott and I have a little getaway planned for mid-December (courtesy of mom, who is watching the kids while we are away – our first vacation with just us!) and we agreed that is our Christmas present to each other.  The girls already have everything they need (seriously!) and so I have fleshed it out with a few goodies, but nothing overboard or lavish.  Extended family too is almost done and I am super excited about their gifts (but will keep my mouth shut until Christmas).   I even have my Christmas cards in hand ready to address and mail.  I think we are in good shape, but I am sure that in the end there will still be a million and one things (I want) to do and I will never really be truly done.  Especially when I start decorating…..  hmm……


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We need before and after photos of your sweet mama!

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Ewww...I'm not Step One School. This is Holly - sorry bout that.