Elliott’s Birthday

Elliott quietly turned 39 this year.  In the midst of all the activity of moving and his new job, it was a rather low-key affair.  But hey, that leaves the open the possibility of something big for his 4-0, right?  (Hmmm….  wheels spinning ….  ideas coming)

We celebrated the night of with family dinner out at Red Robin (Wow, can you tell we have kids?  Sheesh, we used to celebrate at Boston hot spots.)  I surprised him with a new grill.  He knew we would be getting one, but he thought we were saving up more for it.  Surprise!  His parents chipped in too (after they asked me what he wanted and I had a resounding answer) and I had been saving a little without him knowing.

Here’s a funny story about that grill though.  I waited until the last minute (the morning of his birthday) to buy it.  In Provo.  While Ava was at preschool.  Which means I needed to transport it home with three kids in tow.  All of the grills come pre-assembled, so when the time came I pulled up the van with Piper and Lily in it and the grill barely fit in the car.  I smiled, thanked the attendants, waved good-bye and started to panic.  How was I going to get back home with the grill AND  Ava?  Because at this moment in time I couldn’t get them both in the car.  I tried to borrow Mom and Dad’s third seat, but it wouldn’t come out of their van.  Then I contemplated putting Ava in the front seat and risking a ticket from the highway patrol for child endangerment.  In the end, Momma Kay’s neighbor (and my new friend) Jackie and I decided that if we just took off one of the sides of the grill it would fit in the back behind Ava.  Thank goodness for Jackie.  And her tools. We did it!  And that’s how Elliott got a grill for his birthday.

We did go out the Saturday afterwards with the extended family to celebrate more.  We went to the newly opened Magelby’s buffet in Provo with Mom and Dad Kay, Grandma Jerry, and Kam and Sarianna.  Low key and fun.  We got a babysitter for the girls at Elliott’s parents house and they had a great time too.

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Camille said...

We did the same thing when we bought our new grill. We took ALL THREE kids with us, bought the grill, took it out and realized there was no way three kids and a grill were going to fit. We had to take the kids home and go back for the grill. :-)

One time, we drove 2 hours to Ikea for a new couch before realizing we'd need to take the benches out of the van to get the couch in. We ended up putting the couch in and the van seats on top of the couch! LOL

Someday we will learn!