Menu Plan Monday (er, Wednesday)

Things have been chugging along quite smoothly this week already and I have been very pleased that I already had a menu plan in place for the next couple of weeks, so I haven't had to think about it too much.  I just forgot to share it with you!  Since I know that things tend to shift around (adding leftover nights, spur of the moment bites) here is our menu plan through the end of the month:
  • Ava's birthday dinner - homemade pizza, birthday cake
  • chicken club braid (from my good friend Camille at Growing Up Gabel), grilled scalloped potatoes
  • Cafe' Rio pork salad with Cafe' Rio dressing (for those of you not in the Nevada/Utah area, you are missing out and I will post recipes soon!)
  • homemade tomato soup (once again from Camille - can you tell I am in awe of her "Make It Homemade" series?), grilled cheese on homemade bread
  • crispy baked chicken, cornbread
  • cube steak, potatoes & gravy, carrots, homemade rolls

1 comment:

Camille said...

I need that Cafe Rio dressing recipe! Is it the creamy tomatillo? My husband was just asking for it. :-) And I have fresh cilantro....