Farm Country Outing

Thanksgiving Point is a great attraction located in Lehi, UT, less than 30 minutes from Mom and Dad’s house.  In August they were running a promotion called “Two Dollar Tuesdays”.  Any of their venues (and they have several, including gardens and a dinosaur museum) were just $2.  Since our kids were free (based on their ages) we decided we could splurge on a $4 treat (ha ha ha!) and visit their Farm Country venue on the last Tuesday of the month.  What made it even more fun is that Elliott hadn’t started working yet, so he got to come too (and noticed that on a Tuesday afternoon daddy’s are very scarce).

We headed up right after picking Ava up from preschool and had a nice little picnic lunch on the lawn out front of the venue (an idea shared by many other families) before heading in.  Farm Country has lots of animals to see, and though it is not a petting zoo in the true sense of the word, the animals are all pretty friendly and the girls got to pat a few of them.  Piper squealed in delight at them too and everyone had a great time.  I was still getting used to Utah however and forgot our sunscreen (a must in this high altitude where the sun’s effects are deceptively strong) so I tried to hustle us along a bit.  But since was a pretty sunny day and therefore fairly hot, nobody complained to much at my speed and we still got to see everything.

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