The Race To November

Here in Nevada there is a big showdown a-brewin’ between Democrat Harry Reid and Republican Sharron Angle.  Reid is well-established in DC and  key component behind the health care bill.  Angle is backed by the Tea Party Express, which has strong roots in Nevada and held a couple of very large rallies here earlier in the year (one even headlined by Sarah Palin). 

I don’t want to blog very much about politics or religion here, because I think both are highly personal to each individual.   But I will share a bit about out views.  I am a registered Democrat and Elliott is a Libertarian, and thus a registered non-partisan.  Although I am registered a Democrat, my leanings have changed since having to choose a side and I would not describe myself thus anymore.  I have not bothered to re-register though, because when it comes to real elections (as opposed to primaries) I can switch parties freely to vote for my candidate and so I don’t mind the label.  I tend to agree with Elliott on his Libertarian views of little government intervention, state government over federal government, low taxes, etc., which lends itself to the direction our life is taking us, towards greater self-sufficiency and freedom from debt.

The reason I am typing this post though comes from a place of amusement and I just had to give you some backstory.  Since Elliott is non-partisan, the Democrats have been after him hard-core, sending multiple anti-Angle mailings to the house.  I read them outloud to Elliott and tell what points they are using “against” her.  The funny part is that the very points they think will sway him (they already assume I am on their side) are the points which make us say “yep, we like her ideas”, “yep, like that too”.

The mailings say she wants to phase out Social Security and Medicare and privatize them (yep, we’re OK with that) and opposes regulating Wall Street (yep, OK with that too, free capitalism and all that).  One of the things also that I pay attention to on the mailings are the resource dates.  Most of the items that we agree with are very recent and the points the Democrats argue with that make me scratch my head a little were taken from her record at least 10 years ago.  I don’t think 10 year-old statements are credible.  I know I have changed in 10 years, haven’t you?

Truly I only wanted to record this thought here for your chuckle: the way one campaign is trying to win us over is backfiring in a big way.  Each time a mailing comes to the house we too chuckle as we read it.  And yes, we will be voting Sharron Angle in November.  Take that Democrat marketing!

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Tracy Lindley said...

Ha ha, got a laugh out of me :) It's the rebel in us, sis, that thumbs our nose at people trying to sway us only to bring us closer to the other side!