Purple Yogurt

What do you do when you are overrun by Grape Kool-Aid (picked it up free from somewhere back in the day) and a bit of leftover plain yogurt ready to turn?  Put them together of course!

Actually, surprisingly yummy (if you can get past the color which is probably the most appealing part to little kids).  Next time I probably wouldn't add a whole packet of Kool-Aid to a small amount of yogurt and you need a bit of sweetener if your Kool-Aid isn't already sweetened (I don't think any of it is, do you?)

The verdict:



Camille said...

Sugar free Kool Aid is pre-sweetened with fake sweetner. :-) I happen to LOVE grape Kool Aid. I'm sure I drank gallons of it every summer as a kid! Actually, my preference was for Purplesaurus Rex, which they sadly don't make anymore.

Tracy Lindley said...

Ha! Lily couldn't look happier! Have you tried putting some blueberries in there too? Good antioxidants and goes right along with the fun color. Good idea, sis :)