How Does Your Garden Grow?

Our beast of yellow pear tomato plants took off.  And took over.  I had decided to just let them sprawl.  after all, I had heard here in Las Vegas it was actually a good thing as the tomatoes stayed cooler closer to the ground. 

I realized though that we were having a few problems with tomato horn worms.  Since I am too lazy green to use pesticide I thought it would be better to stake them up so I could get a better look at the leaves and try and pick them off as I found them.


They are quite pretty aren't they?  "Huge" might be a better word.  No ripe tomatoes yet but loaded down with potential.  I had originally chosen this variety thinking if the girls got into them and picked a few green ones (which Lily has been known to do) I might not get so mad at them, but I am quite pleased with how they have thrived.  This breed might be a keeper.  We'll see how she tastes though before I make a decision.


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

We've been geting tomatos since May on our yellow pear and our plant is not huge at all. Weird huh! Must be the different soil and ours gets full sun. The tomatos have a wondeful flavor, although whenever I've grown tomatoes in Las Vegas I find the skin is kind of tough.

Tracy Lindley said...

I'm proud of your "pioneer woman" efforts to bloom where you're planted. Have you read her blog, btw, I just checked out her cookbook at the library and Matthew was salivating over her gorgeous food pics. I love vegetables for their practicality as well as beauty--bonus!