Yogurt Update

I just had to tell y'all about the last batch of yogurt I made; it's getting even better.

This time I used powdered milk, halved the recipe (used only 4 cups), and when it came time to mix in the live yogurt culture I also added 1/4 c. Splenda (to thicken) and 1 T. milk powder (to thicken).

Although the yogurt is still to thin and sticky a consistency for our taste (I strain it in a coffee filter to thicken it up), the addition of Splenda had Lily eating it and knowing I could use the same recipe for half the amount was refreshing, because it was becoming a struggle to eat all of the yogurt up.

Next time I will be experimenting with other more natural sweetners, like honey. Can't wait!

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Camille said...

You can make cream cheese with the leftovers. :-) I haven't done it, but you just let it sit for a long time (like overnight) in some cheese cloth (or the coffee strainer). It should thicken up to a spreadable cream cheese. But, that isn't from homemade yogurt so you may need to let it strain for a LONG time. I plan to try it soon!