Things Heard Around the House

Lily and her favorite game (which she got from her babysitters for Christmas), Pooh Tracks (which is probably not its real name)

Lily is talking up a storm these days and so often it makes me stop and laugh (many times I try to hide it from her as I shouldn't laugh when she is naughty). Here are a few things I have heard from her around the house this week:

Oh Lily, you are a beautiful Cinderella (when she was all dressed up). I not Cinderella, I Lily!

(When Ava started to cry and throw a fit Saturday morning) No crying Ava. No crying or Daddy will spank da bum-bum.

Go away mommy! (when I told her we needed to change her diaper)

Would you like this icy water Lily? No way!

(As I was putting her down for a nap) Need da binky. Hurry, hurry!

Read da book wit me mommy. I will as soon as I am done feeding the baby Lily. Pease, pease. Pease pease mommy!

Lily don't eat the crayons! I not eating crayons. I coloring Elmo's World (her Sesame Street coloring book).

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Lisa said...

All her little sayings are so cute, but I love the " hurry, hurry" for her binky. So sweet!