Birthday Gift Ideas

Lily's second birthday is almost here and my mind simply can't get a handle on all my birthday party thoughts, gifts, etc.  But seeing as we are less than a week out, I need to right?  Elliott and I picked out a few things for her at Target the other night and I still have a few ideas of other things I think she would like alot, but then it hit me: maybe this would be a good time to finish some projects and present them as gifts.  I have been saving several of my old button down shirts to make into little girl dresses, like these inspirations:

And I even thought about turning these Goodwill skirts:

Into this little girl dress:

And if I don't have enough ideas, I REALLY want to make one of these:

Whew!  I wore myself out just typing this up.  But I think I might have to get some sewing done this weekend, what do you think?


Lisa said...

Those shirt dresses are adorable!

Camille said...

That chalk mat is SO COOL!! And all Ella ever wants are dresses, too!

Skinner Family said...

Love the shirt idea. Need to adopt that one for me!

Jennifer B said...

Those are such cute ideas. I can't wait to see the finished projects (that & I hate you because you can actually make those items & I am in so much envy of you, but that is for another time). Love those ideas!!

Nancy Aingworth said...

I vote for the chalk mat. VERY cool! The dresses are cute, too, and would be another example of your awesome seamstress skills and thriftiness.