Menu Plan Monday / Challenge Check-In

Menu Plan Monday

Heading into Week #4 and I am so proud of myself!  No grocery shopping last week save for a gallon of milk (but I did do my shopping for this week on Saturday, so you will see those dollars indicated below).  I had a lot of produce leftover from the week before, and even though we ran low towards the end of the week, we squeaked by. 

Wednesday's meal of BBQ beef sandwiches turned into into straight leftovers, since the Crock Pot beef was so yummy it didn't need any BBQ sauce.  Saturday we scrapped dinner plans and hit up IHOP for "All You Can Eat Pancakes".  PLUS kids eat free with each adult meal purchase, so each of us chowed down (and I include the girls on this for we timed the meal to be both lunch and dinner and everyone was hungry) so we got out of there very cheaply. (I just need to start planning "eating out" for Saturdays, because that is what seems to be happening.)

This week I am going out with some girlfriends on Thursday night, so I will just plan on leftovers for everyone else but pick up a little treat for me while out.  And Saturday Elliott and I have a Date Night scheduled (for a long time now) so we will be eating out then, but I plan to use a certificate and do it on the cheap.

Monday: Shepherd's Pie, salad

Tuesday: chili and cornbread

Wednesday: Honey Baked chicken, Easy Biscuit Squares, vegetable

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: Greek Beef & Orzo, salad

Saturday: Date Night

Sunday: BBQ chicken, cheesy ranch potatoes

Challenge Check-In

Last week's grocery bill
: $18.97

Monthly grocery bill, so far: $60.07 (for three weeks)

Items I cheated on: While picking up produce at Albertsons I threw a pack of hot dogs in the cart.  Not organic and not on the challenge, but since we BBQ every Sunday the little kids had been missing their BBQ staple - hot dogs - and I thought after this many weeks without they deserved a little treat.  I also picked up a bag of flour.  I plan to order a large quantity of organic flour in the near future, but we were running on empty and since I am making most everything at home it was a something I couldn't live without.

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