Menu Plan Monday / Challenge Check-In

Menu Plan Monday

Last week went smoothly and according to plan. For breakfasts we had cereal, pumpkin bread, homemade yogurt, and pancakes with jam. Lunches were grilled cheese sandwiches with cut vegetables, macaroni and cheese with applesauce, and the like. I stuck to salads (we have alot of it and I love this homemade dressing) and whatever scraps the girls left behind.

I had a few switch-eroos this week. We had more leftover nights than normal due to late (and large) lunches on Thursday and I also found some chicken thawed out in the fridge which I had kinda forgotten about so I switched and made Chicken Spaghetti instead on Friday night (wow is this total comfort food!). So I am just going to plug some dinner ideas from last week into the round again for this upcoming week.

Poor Elliott kinda got sucked into this challenge whether his appetite wanted to or not, so I splurged and agreed to hit a new buffet (his favorite form of dining) on Sunday for lunch so we didn't feel like a large dinner. I fed the girls something light and we called it a day.

So with those modifications in mind from last week, here's what we have on tap for this week (boy I just noticed the glut of beef and potatoes, oh well!):

Breakfasts will include oatmeal, pancakes, and cereal while lunches will include tuna patties, soup, and grilled cheese.

Monday: ribeye, baked potatoes, glazed carrots

Tuesday: CrockPot beef roast with veggies, corn cakes

Wednesday: BBQ beef sandwiches on homemade rolls, homemade oven french fries

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: crunchy dijon salmon, rice pilaf, broccoli

Saturday: Greek beef & orzo, salad

Sunday: BBQ chicken, cheesy potatoes

Challenge Check-In

Last week's grocery bill
: $26.16

Monthly grocery bill, so far: $41.10

Items I cheated on: Since I am trying to buy either local or organics, I did decide that Idaho and California were close enough to Las Vegas to be considered "local" produce. May or may not be true. But hey, I am striving to do better, which is all we can do, right?

Also, I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few craft supplies (and a pack of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers thanks to Lily's freehand crayon Picasso's in some no-no places) and left with a couple of containers of oatmeal before I even realized what I had done. You see, I had been carrying around a couple of coupons that would allow me to get the oatmeal for only $.25 but had to go to this Wal-Mart. Since I was there I went on autopilot, got the things I needed including the coupon items, checked out and then went "doh!" Oh well, I feel a bit guilty but since I set the challenge goals myself and oatmeal is a staple, I am letting myself off of the hook.

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Lisa said...

That's funny that you felt guilty, for a moment, buying 25 cent oatmeal!