Bye-Bye Jack!

Bye bye Jack. We will miss you!

No, Jack is not dead. He is alive and well. In Utah. Living with his buddy Sam. Permanently.

Since Piper's birth Jack has been on vacation in Utah with Elliott's sister Rachel, her hubby Derek and their dog Sam, Jack's best buddy. We always intended for him to come home to us again and set the date for Thanksgiving. On the appointed day Rachel and Derek bundled him up and brought him over, only for all of us to have a change of heart. As feared we weren't able to give him the attention he deserves (as evidenced by attention being elsewhere his entire visit) and Rachel was very sad at the thought of this being his last day with their family. Turns out Rachel and Derek had discussed getting a second dog and had decided that after Jack went home they would adopt.

The permanent move will be pretty seamless. All that Jack needed was already with him in Utah and he already felt at home with Rachel and Derek. The transistion is a little sad for us though. I keep finding little things of his around the house and putting then in a box to take to him. I emailed Rachel the other day to tell her what I always got Jack for Christmas (a new can of tennis balls) and how much he enjoys the holiday. Ava keeps telling me she "really, really misses Jack".

We are so extremely grateful that this opportunity was available to all of us, so that Jack will remain in the family and that we will get to see him on a semi-regular basis. His quality of life is so much better in Utah - no kids to hassle him, co-sleeping with Sam all day, snuggles with Rachel, laying by the fireplace, taking walks in the mountains, playing in the creek. I know this is the absolute best thing for him. Recogninzing that is loving him the best way we know how.

We love you Jack. See you soon!

Sam and Jack - best buddies


Babette said...

Awwww, I understand that you are sad, but look at that picture when they are playing!!! They are so happy together, is the very best thing for Jack, but I will miss him too:)I am so glad this works out for everyone, especially sweet Jack!

Nancy said...

I'm happy for Jack, sad for you. It sometimes hurts to do the right thing. Jack is one lucky dog, to have "old" parents and "new" parents who love him so much.