Colored Pasta

Today I finished making colored pasta that I read about here. I thought it would be a good sorting activity for the girls, and seeing as I already had pasta and food coloring in the house, all I needed was a big bottle of rubbing alcohol.

First, I decided I was going to make four different colors using two different pasta shapes.

I decided to measure out how much my big bottle of alcohol held, so I could divide it up evenly. In this case, I used about 1 cup per freezer quart bag.

Here are my four colors in their bags. I added the alcohol, then the food coloring...

...then about a cup pf pasta, letting the colored alcohol cover it.

Let the pasta sit overnight in the bags. The color will develop and in the morning you can drain off the alcohol and lay the pasta out to dry.

And that's it! The girls enjoyed it this morning, sorting it by color into a muffin tin. Good cheap fun!

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

The pasta looks so cool! I'll have to remember this when Levi gets older.