WFMW - Favorite Organizing Tip

This week at Works for Me Wednesday the theme is our favorite organizing tip. Sometimes I am a bit of an overachiever when it comes to organizing; my labelmaker is one of my favorite toys.

My favorite organizing tip is to reuse my plastic baby food tubs to store my spices in. Using the tubs makes stacking the spices neat and tidy, and also makes it super easy to measure out spices for recipes. I love it! (As you can tell from the picture, I have used up most of my tubs and am ready for baby #3 to start eating solids so I can start collecting them again.)

I also have found another use for the baby food tubs - I store all of my daughters' hair clips and hair bands in the tubs too, which makes finding exactly what I am looking for simple and they stack nicely in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

Using baby food tubs "works for me". For more great organizing tips this week, visit We Are That Family.


The Activity Mom said...

Great idea!

Amy {The Red Chair Blog} said...

Good idea! I've been using the jars for spices, but I didn't even think of using the tubs--silly me! :)