Portrait Session

Yesterday I decided to visit a portrait studio in our mall; I won't say which because I am sure that I am not legally allowed to post this photo for copyright purposes, so nobody turn me in. Anyway, they were having a coupon deal where I could get a portrait package completely free. I decided to try and take advantage. Of course Lily was a happy camper before and after the session, but during was completely melting down and clinging to me, crying for her life. Oh well! I picked out this shot, which was one of only four to choose from, and they edited out her snotty nose and teary cheek.

How sweet is this photo? I love it!

Although I am extremely happy with the moment captured here, while at the studio I signed up for another promo event and am heading back next Thursday for a free beach-themed shoot and free 8x10 photo. Hopefully Lily will do better. I plan on having more sugary snacks in reserve, as well as an earlier sitting time. Combined, hopefully they will do the trick and Lily will produce some results. (Ava wass such a ham this time around, I am not at all worried about next week.)
I have some extra wallet photos of this picture, so if anyone is interested, let me know and I will mail one to you.

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Vincent said...

Grandma and Grandpa Kay speak for a photo! It's a darling photo!