Four Weeks and counting...

Tick, tick tick....

Only four more weeks until Piper makes her appearance. The midwife's visit yesterday revealed that she is in position and my body is tuning itself up, so we are progressing nicely. She grows stronger (painfully so at times) every day. I find I get so worn out with the littlest effort these days - a feat that is really annoying me! Today, I am typing this because I did an enormous amount of baking and am so worn out, but can't quite let myself sit quietly. Your gain!

I went to the eye doctor on Monday. I know that pregnancy can change your eyesight, so I was trying to wait for my annual exam until after the birth, but an irritating left eye forced my hand, as I have been wearing my glasses for about a month now, trying to give my contacts a break but to no avail. Turns out I did have a slight infection, but discovered I have a fun new pregnancy symptom - thickened corneas. I had no idea this was possible! But it had effected the way my old contacts fit and they were really doing a number on my eyes. So the doctor put me in a new pair, which feel so much better, which have the ability to stay in (night and day) for 30 days straight, which will be such a help with middle of the night feedings. Yeah!

We are in the middle of monsoon season here in Vegas - yes, that's a real season. The ground is so dry that the slightest rainfall can cause flash flooding, so there are constant warnings (including billboards) to stay alert and not get caught in a flash flood. The last week we have seen some lovely lightening storms, rumbly thunder, and just a few sprinkles to go with it. The horrid side effect is the rise in humidity, which the rest of the country will think I am a complete baby for making a fuss over, but we are just not used to it here. Combine that with 100+ degree weather and it is just not my favorite. The lightening storms are pretty though.

Poor Lily is teething right now, probably her canines, and is just a bit miserable at the moment. She is extra fussy and needy, not wanting to eat much or even have her normal bottles. Oh well! I just try to make her comfortable and recognize whatever can make her happy is OK, like watching TV. The girls discovered Disney's Cinderella for the first time this week - and they love it! Lily cries out "La-Lella!" when she hears me talking about it and makes a run for the couch.

The girls are officially bunked up together at night and doing great! Lily's teething has put a slight cramp in the smoothness, but they are used to each other now. Ava loves having Lily in her room and being the big sister. She would love for Lily to take her naps in the room too (right now I separate them), but they aren't quite ready for that. I try, but Lily does need her quiet at naptime (she can't tune Ava out like she is able to at night) and Ava still likes to climb out and play around in the dark at naptime. I have explained to Ava that when she can stay in her bed Lily will come back and sleep with her. Until then....

In other big news - Elliott and I listed out house for sale about 6 weeks ago and we have an accepted offer! We are having to short sell our house, since the Vegas housing market has sunk right out from underneath us, so it has gone to the bank for approval, a process that can take up to 80 days (plus an extra 30 after that to close). The potential buyers though seem to be very upstanding and delighted with our place, so hopefully everything will work out swiftly and smoothly. We are planning on renting a larger place in the city for the next few years, so no exciting plans for crossing state lines or anything. I have thoroughly appreciated being able to let things get a bit messy around here, instead of having to keep the toys picked up all of the time in case people drop in to look. And I also am really glad that we are now able to simply focus on having the baby and getting ready for her arrival, not worrying about the house at the moment. After the birth maybe I will shift focus to packing, but nothing pressing at the moment.

Elliott has been working long hours this month, right in the middle of budget season and we miss him! Ava told me that the other day, so I try and schedule naps and bedtimes as late as possible to give him as much time to see them as possible each night. One of the upsides (if you can call it that) with the girls rooming together is that they get up early, allowing Elliott to see them before he goes to work. I hope that he is able to get alot of the work done before the baby, so that he can take it a bit easier in the days afterward to spend time with us.

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