Easter Egg Hunt

The girls and I attend a weekly Music Makers class on Wednesdays. This Wednesday, instead of class, all of the children went to a local park for an Easter Egg Hunt. It was pretty windy but the temperature was warm. As Lily was too little to participate (even though I brought a basket for her) I decided to focus on helping Ava during the hunt. She didn't quite understand the concept, and even though she was happy to find the eggs, she just didn't get that once you found one egg you could keep looking for more. She would get fascinated with the egg she found, while I would run ahead and yell at her "I found one Ava! Come over here!". Then she would saunter over and we would do the whole routine again. In the end we got quite a few treats and she is now enjoying them as an after-nap snack.

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