We are riding along in the van and Lily is chattering up a storm. Out of nowhere Ava says "Are you ser-ious??" I answer back (although I have no idea what she is referring to) "yes, I am." Ava says "No, I was talking to Lily! Lily, are you ser-ious?" as Lily continues to chatter away.

I came into Ava's room the other day to find her sorting clothes. She cried out "No mom, go lie down on the couch. Your tummy hurts!" I guess I have been using that excuse alot lately.

While Elliott was putting her to bed one night, I gave her hugs and kisses and went to fill up her sippy cup with ice water. When I came back to the room, she was playing on the ground with her toys. She looked up at me and said "I'm mad at you!". Just out of the blue! I know I should have been more offended but Elliott and I just tried to smother our laughs as it caught us so off guard. I don't how (or why) she came up with that.

Just now Elliott was trying to get out the door to go to a dentist appointment and Ava was hovering around the door making it difficult. I called to her from my seat on the couch "Come her Ava" and after Elliott shut the door she walked into the living room and said "What!?" I guess I have said that to her one too many times.

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