I have to clean that up?

Yes, this is a picture of Ava's bedroom. Can you see all of the piles? What, Sarah, you mean there is more than one pile? Not anymore it seems.

Ava has a habit of grouping things together. She likes to line up the shoes by the front door, put her Little People in a circle, etc. Well, she did have four separate piles going in her room, which seems to have joined to form one massive pile. She did have one pile of Little People, one pile of "dolls" (which also included every stuffed animal), one pile of clothes (including both dirty ones she pulled out of the hamper and clean ones she pulled out of her dresser drawers), and one pile of blankets, which normally live on the bottom shelf of the changing table.

At night she has been requesting to sleep with it all. As you can imagine this leaves her no room to actually sleep, but we have discovered that she usually throws it all out of her crib before falling asleep anwyay, so who cares? We also thought that in the near future, when she moves to a toddler bed and has access to everything minus the crib bars there is nothing to keep her from playing with all of her stuff all night long. So she usually gets that entire pile of stuff in her crib with her at night. Can you imagine? I couldn't if I didn't see it every night.

So there you have it, the abyss that is Ava's bedroom. Thanks for not judging!


Elliott said...

I almost didn't notice Lily and Jack amongst all the clutter. They fit right in. :)

Babette said...

Too funny! I never imagined the mess (sorry) when you turn your back for a minute or..eh...1 night, but that is what it looks like!!! Wow, time to teach Ava the 'clean-up song'.....YEAH!!!

Marlo said...

Oh, how I know how this feels! What a great pile - way to go Ava!