A Day Trip to Oatman, AZ

Sunday we had a fun outing to a little *almost ghost* town called Oatman, AZ, about 2 1/2 hrs. from Las Vegas. Elliott had heard of the place from his boss Pete, who told him that it was an old mining town where wild burros wandered the streets during the daytime, eating carrots from the tourists. Since we had nothing else to do that day, Elliott suggested we check it out after lunch, hoping that perhaps the girls would sleep in the car (we were not so lucky, but they were good nonetheless).

We arrived to find it exactly as decribed! Both adult and baby burros strolled the streets and sidewalks, checking out the tourists and trying to scam carrots. If you happened to buy some carrots while you were there (the local storefronts sold them for $1/bag) you would immediately be mobbed by burros until they exhausted your supply and moved on.

Ava LOVED the burros, wanting to pet and feed them all. She was very sad to leave until we noticed that the burros too had decided to head back into the hills for the evening; they trotted out of town in a single line as if somebody had blown a whistle and summoned them home. Even Lily got in on the act. One white baby burro took a shine to her and stuck it's nose right into the stroller; Lily responded by sticking her fingers up its nose, which it didn't even seem to notice.

We had a great day being out of town, taking a little trip and experiencing something new. Good job daddy!


mub said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I wrote down the name of the town and have it on my "List of places to see someday."

Babette said...

Hey, that look really exciting!! How neat:)

Tracy said...

Adorable! Man those girls are lucky to have such fun and adventurous parents :) I remember Mom and Dad taking us to some crazy park where the animals all wandered around and I think there's some picture somewhere of Dad and a giraffe? It's all a little fuzzy in my memory but nonetheless, getting up close and personal with wild animals is always a great time. I'm glad my sweet and game-for-anything nieces were able to experience the fun. I especially love that Lily stuck her finger up the burro's nose--that's hilarious (but disgusting).
Love you!