Happy Belated V-Day

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day (even if it meant doing nothing, because that sounds pretty exciting to me!). Elliott and I took a break this year from doing anything fancy, but instead enjoyed lots of quality time with the girls during the day on Saturday and took advantage of the spotty naps to put them to bed early. Then we got some sushi take-out and enjoyed a romantic movie (NOT! We watched a sci-fi action movie Elliott had from Netflix). Even though I had been pretty worn down throughout the week and hence warned Elliott that I wouldn't be getting him a card or anything this year, he stepped it up and still got me the sweetest card - AND got a card for the girls to decorate for me (here's a picture of Ava continuing to color on it the next day). I got a little misty when I opened them, I will admit. (OK, I am starting to tear up right now thinking about it. Stop it Sarah!). All in all, a really lovely day!
Other than that I think our week went fairly normally, i.e. slow and predictable. I was thinking the other day about how our weeks always play out, so here is what happens to us every day/week:
  • Monday - Go the the grocery store for our Freegan pick-up
  • Tuesday - If I ever have a midwife appointment, I schedule them for Tuesday and then meet up with Elliott for lunch
  • Wednesday - Music Makers class for Ava with other moms at a friend's church, sometimes followed by a park visit
  • Thursday - My Bible Study in the morning
  • Friday - Our second grocery store Freegan pick-up

Of course, other things pop up, but these are the activities that we have on the calendar each and every week. I try to keep our activities limited to the mornings, as by afternoon I am tuckering out, to say nothing of the girls energy level and need for naps. Usually by Friday I am quite ready for a break!


Elliott said...

The Valentines cards I got for Sarah were SUPER mushy!! She eats it up!!!

Love ya, Hun!!

Anonymous said...

Props to you, Elliott--you're such a great dad/husband :) Thanks for spoiling my sis and especially when it's unexpected. Love you guys!