Brownies Plus+

Inspired once again by Bakerella (seriously, the most ingenious woman ever; remember the cake balls I told you about?) I tried her new recipe which uses two ingredients I seem to have coming out of my ears at the moment (thanks to practically free sale items at the store): brownie mix and a cookie mix pouch.

Although Bakerella used chocolate chip cookie mix, I decided to try peanut butter to make the flavor combination Elliott likes most. You just mix each one per the package instructions then drop the cookie mix into the brownie mix and bake. You can view the full recipe here on Bakerella. YUMMY!


Skinner Family said...

I like this idea. I have tons of that kind of stuff too... um.... snowy days brings baking ideas to me!

Laura H said...

Ok first of all, untill I clicked on your family blog I thought Kay was your middle name not your last name. Silly me.
Anyways glad to see this recipe because I have at least 2 boxes of brownie mixes.
PS Mary doesnt deserve to come to your advance coupon party because she makes fun of how many Colgate toothpastes I have.

Lisa Shatzer said...

We thought they were YUMMY!