Power Outage and Field Trip

We had a couple of exciting events already this week. Tuesday night Elliott had just gotten home and sat down to eat dinner (the girls and I had already eaten) when the power went off. When we went outside to investigate we discovered that it was our entire street. By the time that I got through to the power company their message informed me that it was almost our entire corner of the world, several blocks surrounding the freeway. So for an hour and a half we entertained ourselves by candlelight, trying to get Lily to sleep during that time (finally!) without the use of a nightlight or noise machine. Elliott almost had Ava in bed when the power came back on, so in the end we weren't without for long. The girls didn't seem to mind at all (in fact I think Ava got a kick out of it), I was just a little worried to leave the room with candles going. Who wouldn't be when Ava knows how to climb up on the kitchen counters?

**You know, my friend Melissa pointed out about flashlights (in the comments). We DO have a really great Black and Decker flashlight that shares the drill battery. I knew exactly where it was, got it safely, was sure the battery was charged - and the battery was dead. (I forgot to include this part of the story.) Arrgghhh! So back to the candles. But yes, I should probably get a few more flashlights. **

Wednesday the girls and I had fun with a field trip to the local fire station. Of course Ava was so excited to go, even asking to go see the "men" (firemen) when she woke up, but got super shy upon arriving. They allowed us to tour the station and climb in the firetrucks. You would have thought I had super-glued Ava's lips together, you couldn't get a peep out of her. She wouldn't say hi to the firemen or check them out when they were suited up or go anywhere without holding my hand. What a doll! I still need to catch on to this "mom" thing though, because I think I was the only mom in the group who didn't have their camera. Bummer! I will learn (I think) and try to remember to bring it for our next outing. We are going to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory next month, so hopefully I can score some pictures of Ava covered in chocolate. Oh fun!


Skinner Family said...

Now you will start looking for sales on flashlights. I have some for when the power goes out, yet my kids have found them and used them when the power isn't out!

You will also get better at pictures. I now just take a picture for a blog and if it is a really special thing... then I take a ton and scrapbook.

Babette said...

Wow! What an exciting week:) I can't believe Ava was so shy, that's a first:)

Anonymous said...

Aww, I wish you would have brought your camera too. But with Ava pretending to be shy, you may not have gotten very many good shots of her anyway. Now the chocolate factory...that sounds intriguing...