Out of the Mouths of Babes

I really need to try and jot things down here every night as Ava keeps spouting more and more funny anecdotes each and every day:

* Ava usually has some funny idea about where daddy even as she asks me. I always answer "daddy's at work" but she always has some other answer. Remember when she thought he worked at McDonald's? Well, the other day after I told her daddy was at work she insisted that daddy was sleeping on a couch somewhere. And nothing I said could convince her otherwise.

* Ava has started adding "won't that be fun?" to the end of her requests, similar to what I say to her. "I go to the park today. Won't that be fun?"

* Ava has also been adding "to-DAY" to most of her sentences. "I have juice to-DAY. to-DAY." (Seemingly not tomorrow, to-DAY!) I suppose it comes about since one of the methods I try and employ is "ask me tomorrow", but she is one smart cookie and has caught right on. "No mommy, to-DAY!"

* Ava spent most of Sunday morning climbing on me while I was trying to get some work done. She would then grab my hair, yank my head backwards and say "Guess what mommy? I love you!" then giving me a kiss. Just like I like to do to her, minus the hair yanking.

* Ava was making a cave (or "cage" as she kept calling it) out of throw pillows the other night. I tried to up the ante and make a fort out of a throw blanket and chairs. I think Lily got more of a kick out it than Ava, but it made for a fun night's activity.

Lily too has been trying to keep up the pace of growing up all too fast. Her quest towards walking keeps moving forward. This past week she has mastered standing on her own. She can balance herself (even raising herself from a crouching position) and just enjoys standing there, getting a kick out of her new skill. She will try to take a step, but doesn't have much success at this point. But still, she laughs and laughs at her own face-plants and picks herself up again.

Lily even is trying to make the switch to only one nap. I really don't mind the switch, as it makes morning activities out and about that much better since Lily can stay awake for it all. But the days when we are home are a little more difficult, as the girls like to tag-team me on their naps, where one will be asleep, then the other, which gives me little time to myself. Oh well!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, sis. I really need to talk to Ava soon to hear her sweet little voice--I really want to hear her say "won't that be fun?". That's hilarious!!! Oh how quickly they grow. I can't wait to see them again, how I hate the distance.
Love you!