Christmas #2 - Our Utah Celebration

We had a wonderful, wonderful time with all of Elliott's family in Utah. We had clear driving weather both there and back, which in this time of unpredictable snow and sleet was a true blessing.

Christmas day held all the craziness you can imagine: Grandma & Grandpa, all five of their children plus spouses, and seven grandkids all under the age of four. Whew! That being said, Elliott's dad did an excellent job of playing Santa and keeping us all on track - even if it did take all morning (there are just that many presents!). We even took a break in there to take a full family photo (which you will not see now, but I hope to get a copy of soon).

As I sit here trying to type up the fun details of our trip I draw a blank besides all of the good meals, great family time, and hours of games being played around the kitchen table. (Besides, Lily is trying to take over the computer and I seem to be fighting a losing battle.) Suffice it to say we had a great time seeing all of our family which we had gone too long without seeing, and were sad to leave them knowing it will be awhile before we see them again. Ava is voting for moving to Utah (seriously, she said she wants to live in Utah) so maybe the future will hold that possibility for us. Until then we are always grateful for the moments we get to spend with everyone and wait anxiously until the next time.

I hope everyone had as great a holiday season as we did. And as for this Kay family, here's looking forward to another year filled with with great blessings and memories!

HAPPY 2009!

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Lisa Shatzer said...

I love the girls matching Christmas dresses, they are so cute. By the way, you are not allowed to move to Utah right now!!