Migraines are yucky!

I have only had one other migraine in my life, but I got another one last night. I don't know how I managed to do it. It started while I was trying to clean up after dinner. It's like I was seeing bright spots and no amount of closing one eye then the other, rubbing my eyes, etc. would make it go away. It was starting to make me really light-headed. So I quickly finished up and went to hang out with Ava in her bedroom, closing my eyes as I sat in the rocker and she told me all about the Christmas cards she was playing with. Soon Elliott came to put her to bed (I had already gotten Lily down) and I went to lay down in bed. I kept the lights low and managed to get it under control (I thought) but when I ventured back out into the living room to watch some evening TV with Elliott it came back full force. I ended up just going to bed, because my head hurt so bad that it was making me sick to my stomach. Yuck! I couldn't think of anything else to do besides Tylenol, a cold washcloth and the dark.

When I woke up this morning the migraine was on its way out, although I still tried to be careful which lights I turned on so as not to aggravate it. I don't think I have taken this much pain reliever continuously in a long time. I have so much more sympathy for people that have migraines, especially consistent ones. This episode pretty much laid me low exactly when I have lots of packing to do. But what can I do? Hopefully my head will be completely clear by tonight when Elliott will be home to kiddy-wrangle. Until then I guess it's refereeing from the couch.

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Hopefulone said...

Oh I hate Migraines~! I get the visual stuff too. I always feel like I'm going blind in one or both eyes. I get that silly looking C that's like a rainbow flashing... Hate em. If I look at a bright glinting bumper in the summer sun it can set one off too.
Did I say I hate them?
I found that if I'm not sleeping enough or ODing on chocolate they seem to be worse.

Hope you don't get any more!
I hate them! Did I say that yet? Lol