Christmas on clearance - ALREADY??

So I am going to stand on my soapbox for one minute -

I went just now to try and find a matching Christmas dress for Ava at The Children's Place online. I saw their ad in a magazine recently and thought they might have a dress that would nicely match the Christmas dress I have put aside for Lily. Children's Place has them on clearance. What!!?? And not only that, they are now all out of stock!

So I call my local store. Nope! They shipped all of their stock to the outlet because they were clearanced our. So I called the outlet. They are sold out!

OK, so I know there is somebody out there who can feel my pain. I pride myself on thinking ahead - for crying outloud it is only December 4 today! - and didn't think I was leaving this until the last minute. Well, I guess you better start skipping Thanksgiving if you want anything that has to do with Christmas. And that is just something I won't do.

Maybe I will write to Children's Place .....


Babette said...

....shocked just like you....were they making room for Easter dresses???

Jennifer B said...

I can't help it. As I was reading your post I was thinking.... I wonder how inexpensive they got. Sorry you didn't find what you were looking for. =)