Ava's Imagination

Ava's imagination is really starting to take off. I love watching it take shape. Tonight she has wrapped a blanket around herself, flapping the corners and exclaiming "I'm a butterfly." When she was also talking about parrots I said "be a parrot now Ava". No mommy, I be a butterfly.

She has also started to pretend to sleep, closing her eyes (leaving just a small eye slit and a sly smile) and making fake snoring sounds.

Ava also is really developing a mind of her own and attitude to match. Today she was whining and whining. I said "stop it Ava!" and she said "I no stop it". So I said "fine, then you will go in time out. I no go in time out. Then you have a choice: stop whining or go in time out. I stop whining. That's a good choice Ava.

She shows great love and concern for her sister, which I think is the sweetest moment to witness. Today they were sitting toe to toe and Ava was saying "I love my sister" and leaning over to give Lily hugs and kisses, which Lily was just eating up with a huge grin on her face. The other day Lily was crying over a small tumble and Ava came running into the room . What's the matter Lily? What's wrong? Oh, Lily fell down and went boom. I suppose that's better than her inquiry today of "what's your problem Lily?"

And right now she is jumping around the guest bed as I type shouting "this is so much fun! Did you see mommy?" I love my little girl!


Jennifer B said...

She is such a cutie!! I love the new pictures. They are adorable!!

Lisa Shatzer said...

Ava is such a delightful little girl!!