Videos for Aunt Tracy & Uncle Matthew

Aunt Tracy and Uncle Matthew, I love my presents! Especially the Sesame Street book. Elmo is my favorite!! I love to watch him on Elmo's World everyday. Today I am going to read this book in bed before naptime (and I think I will make daddy read it to me again tonight). Thank you!

Love, Ava

PS - Lily really loves my present too!

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Anonymous said...

We love the video! Of course Matthew noticed that Ava did not say thank you to him but I pointed out that Matthew is not the one who SHOPPED for the present. However, he pointed out that he's the one who wrapped AND mailed the present, so he does have a point. Either way, thank you for letting us see her reaction. I really canNOT believe how big the girls are. I miss them SOOOOO much! Lily is huge compared to when I saw her last! I love the video and thanks again for capturing that moment--you're the best sister ever! MUUAHH!
Tracy (and Matthew who's looking over my shoulder and making comments)