Ava's 2nd Birthday Party

Sunday was a very special and fun time. We celebrated Ava's second birthday (which is officially tomorrow) by BBQing with family and friends. Grammy and Papa Kay were visiting from Utah; Josh & Lizzie and family were here; and friends Babette, Lisa and son Grant, and Jon & Ashley McFerrin with son Quinn. Ava had an absolute BLAST running around with all of the kids, saying hi to everybody and generally being loved upon. The girl also cleaned house on the gift front. Despite telling people they didn't need to bring anything but themselves, Ava was showered with some new clothes, a baby doll stroller, bath toys, and an entire baby doll care set (including a second stroller and other baby equipment). She also got a toy kitchen from Mom and Dad (which is the toy I scored garage saling a few weekends back) along with some dishes and fake food to play with.

We have a few more random toys to give her tomorrow (her actual birthday, October 21) and we are going to go celebrate with dinner at Denny's followed by ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery (all of which is courtesy of birthday clubs, hence FREE). So happy birthday my little girl. We love you!


Babette said...

Happy Birthday Ava! I so enjoyed being part of your Birthday party, it was a blast! Thank you Sarah and Elliot for your hospitality, it was wonderful:)

Anonymous said...

Babette, I love the picture of you holding Lily. You're a natural :)