Week in Review

Lily was a little off this first part of the week, resulting in a trip to the doctor's office. Of course I made the appointment two hours before everything seemed to blow over. Note to self - let the fussiness ride out FOUR days, not three and then we will save an insurance co-pay. Oh well! Better safe than sorry. I had chalked everything up to teething (fussiness, loss of appetite) but she had been rubbing at her face quite a bit, and even though I know tugging at their ears is also a sign of teething, you never know about ear infections. So after day three of screaming (not crying , screaming) from my normally sweet and mild girl I broke down. Good news though - nothing detected and she is back to her old cheerful self. Yeah (and sigh of relief).

I told you about how Ava likes to sing. Well yesterday she also started accompanying herself on the piano. I took a short video clip and intended to upload it here, but alas my computer had trouble with it all day (which is why this post is late in coming). Anwyay, it was VERY cute and perhaps in the future I will be able to get it posted.

We started Music Makers class last week with Ava (although Lily comes and enjoys from her carseat). It meets every Wednesday morning for one hour and is filled with 10 minute segments of singing, movement, and fun. A group of ladies gets together at their church and put it together like a co-op and we are fortunate to be able to join in. Afterwards we go to a local playground and let the kids run off more steam. Between all the fresh air and the day's activities, Ava slept a LONG time that afternoon. Extra bonus!

The weather has been cooler and we have been enjoying that. I usually have the house open all morning and only shut it up and turn on the A/C when the girls go down for their afternoon naps. Somtimes it gets a little warm by then, but I crave the fresh air after being behind closed doors for so long that I just grin and bear it.

I started my Thursday morning Bible study group this week and am very excited to be a leader this year. I was an apprentice last year and now I have my own group. I am also apprenticing under the administrative leader, to help her with all the paperwork stuff like emailing and scheduling, etc. I have a great group of ladies and I can't wait to see what God has to show us!

Elliott has been enjoying the start of football season again and watching BYU trounce the competition. Yesterday we put Ava in a BYU shirt and taught her to say "Go BYU!" and "Yeah Cougars!" She likes the attention and daddy likes to see her being actively involved in something he loves. (Did I mention he has already indoctinated Lily by making her listen to a BYU game on the radio?)

We also celebrated our anniversary this week - 3 years. When I write it or say it 3 years just doesn't seem like long enough for all that we have accomplished together. A cross-country move two children, and a complete change in lifestyle from Boston. Wow! 3 years. Wow.


Anonymous said...

Lily is SO cute! Thanks for the pics! Glad she's feeling better now :)

Babette said...

Hi there! I couldn't just leave Lisa a message, I just had to leave you one as well:) I can't believe Ava is singing and playing the piano, how cute! I am so glad little Lily is ok, I imagine you were just going crazy with her screaming like that...pwfeeww, glad all is well! Anyway, better run, got to go to work. Talk to you soon. Hugs!

Jennifer B said...

I hate it when I take the kids into the Dr and you get told, It will pass. So frustrating, but what can you do.

BYU is doing awesome. We are getting the kids into BYU as well. Love it!!

Music Makers seems to be going well. (Though each week is getting a little more difficult to move and teach). =)